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The harvest is plentiful ... send out workers into His harvest field.  Matt. 9:37-38



This book has been written to motivate you and show you how powerful your testimony is.  Your testimony, your life story is powerful. It makes a connection with other people. Your tests are unique to you, but they can be an encouragement to others not to give up. You made it through, so can they. When people see you struggle and then triumph, it inspires them to persevere.  I share my own testimony in this book.  My prayer is that this book will empower you to share your testimony and allow God to use you to impact others.

Chapter Titles:

1. Testimony

2. Overcome

3. Blood of Jesus

4. Life After Death

5. The Bar


Easy to Read Large Print

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inch

Pages: 59

Copyright: 2022

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