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The harvest is plentiful ... send out workers into His harvest field.  Matt. 9:37-38



The goal of this book is to encourage you to open your home and start a house church with the people that you know. Pour your life into them. The Holy Spirit will teach you. There are millions of people who want to be in fellowship, but they will never darken the door of a brick and mortar church. They would come to your home to worship Jesus, to study the Word, to break bread, to get saved, to get baptized.  Jesus is raising up the Body of Christ to empower people to go and make disciples. I hope this book will motivate you to step up and answer the call of Jesus on your life.

Chapter Titles:


1. The Kingdom in You

2.  Mental Victories

3.  Solid Food

4. Mental Encouragement

5. House to House

6. Mental Hope

7. Reformation

8. Mental Peace

9. Advantage and Focus

10. Final Thoughts


Easy to Read Large Print

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inch

Pages: 129

Copyright: 2022

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