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Do you need help dealing with a leader that acts like Saul did toward David?

This book has been written to encourage you and inspire you to hang in there, even when spears have been thrown and you have had to run. God still has His hand on you.  My prayer is that this book will give you the hope to persevere even after a Saul-type leader has tried to destroy you. Remember God has begun a good work in you and He will be faithful to complete it!

 Chapter Titles:

 1.  Man's Choice

 2.  Pleasing Man Instead of God

 3.  Anoint David

 4.  Serving Evil Saul

 5.  Giant Killer

 6.  Jealous Leader

 7.  It's Time to Run

 8.   Slander and Pursuit

 9.  Don't Kill What's Already Dead

10.  Suicide for Saul

11.  The Residue

12.  Trusting Again

13.  Forgiveness

14.  Getting Past Our Past

15.  Running the Race

16.  Confidence in Your Pace

17.  Renewing Your Mind

18.  Stay Alert

19.  He Loves You

Easy to Read Large Print

Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inch

Pages: 144

ISBN:  9781541045101

UPC:  9781541045101

Copyright: 2003  revised 2016


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