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The harvest is plentiful ... send out workers into His harvest field.  Matt. 9:37-38




Have you experienced being wounded, rejected or devalued by a leader within the church?

This book has been written to speak to those who are struggling with hurt, bitterness or unforgiveness.  Some of you may no longer be serving God because a leader in the church attacked you.  You thought your attacker was a shepherd, but this person was really a wolf.

The purpose of this book is to help you to realize that you are still valuable to the kingdom of God.  My prayer is that this book will bring healing and encouragement, so that you can be restored and get back into advancing the kingdom of God.

Chapter Titles:

    •  1.  The Transformation
    •  2.  Infiltration 
    •  3.  The Wolf Pack 
    •  4.  The Slaughterhouse
    •  5.  The Removal of the Wolves 
    •  6.  Out With the Old, In With the New
    •  7.  Staying Hot
    •  8.  Being Restored
    •  9.  Being Re-established
    • 10.  Being Confident Again
    • 11.  Put Your Armor On
    • 12.  Truth
    • 13.  The Breastplate
    • 14.  Get a Grip
    • 15.  Shield of Faith
    • 16.  The Hard Hat
    • 17.  Sword of the Spirit
    • 18.  Pray in the Spirit
    • 19.  The Lord is My Shepherd

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Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inch

Pages: 152


UPC: 9781539942511

Copyright: 2003 revised 2016

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